Douthit Motorsports Embarking on 35 Year Jet Car Anniversary Tour

Colorado Springs, Colo. – 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of providing high-quality Jet Car showmanship and fan-friendly exhibition entertainment for the Douthit Motorsports team. As the New Year approaches, the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based team is ready to introduce a new website, new marketing partnerships, and a Ford vs Chevrolet match-race concept that brings back the manufacturer wars of the hay day of drag racing.

What started as a single wheel-stander named Smokey Red, driven by legendary showman Joe Douthit in the mid-1970s, has morphed into a two-car Nostalgia Jet Funny Car team, owned and piloted by second-generation Jet Car driver David Douthit. Douthit Motorsports transitioned from big-block powered, two-wheel 1,320-foot exhibition runs to 5,000 pounds of thrust propelling their jet cars in 1985.

To mark their 35th anniversary, the Douthit team is launching a new website, – where fans can learn about the history of these jet-propelled roller skates, watch historic videos of the evolution of Jet Cars, and follow the exploits of the Douthit Motorsports team as they travel North America.

“For more than four decades, the Douthit family has always been a fan-first motorsports team,” noted second-generation Jet Car racer David Douthit, who earned his license shortly after his 18th birthday in 1993. “When dad (Joe Douthit) bought his first Jet Dragster in 1985, he did so with a vision – to put on a great show for fans, be open and transparent with racetracks and promoters, and simply have fun. This is a concept we’ve followed through the years. And it works very well for our family-operated business.”

Make no mistake about it, running a Jet Car exhibition team is a business. The logistics involved with traveling across the country – sometimes racing at two tracks in consecutive days hundreds of miles apart is taxing and expensive. The journey introduces the team to a diverse fanbase from Canada to Southern California. With their new website, the Douthit team will be showcasing their schedule of events, posting video updates of tracks and facilities they visit, and of course, lots of video of flame-throwing, burner-popping jet cars.

“Jet Cars indeed ROCK,” Douthit said. “That was a major reason why we chose that domain for our new website. Plus, it’s a highly searched term on Google – which helps with organic traffic to the website. We are looking to start a new channel, where we’ll post interviews with fans, provide tours of the facilities we visit and provide some insights at what it takes to manage this traveling circus. Our two-car Nostalgia Jet Funny Car team includes the 1969 Chevrolet Nova “Black Pearl” and our new 1965 Ford Mustang “Quartermaster”. It’s a perfect one-two match race for Nostalgia racing events, Ford vs Chevy, and of course, Jet Car shows.”

David Douthit will be signing autographs at Hot Shot Secret’s booth #6133 on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at the upcoming PRI show from 9:30 am till 10:30 am. To learn more about the Douthit Motorsports team, visit their new website at


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