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Black Pearl Jet Funny Car

Quartermaster Jet Funny Car

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Meet the Drivers and Cars!



1965 Mustang Jet Funny Car


Black Pearl

1969 Camaro Jet Funny Car

Ahoy Mateys!

2024 marks the 49th anniversary of Douthit Motorsports, Inc. in the racing exhibition ​business racing Jet Cars and Wheelstanders! The Douthit’s have entertained fans all ​over the globe, including Japan, Curacao, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

In 1976, "Smokey" Joe Douthit introduced the family's first exhibition car a Wheelstander, ​named Smokey Red. It was a gorgeous, Candy Apple Red, 1968 Nova (See photo in photos). ​In 1985, the California Smokey Jet Dragster came onto the scene and in 2014, the family ​switched to Jet Funny Cars. The family owns and operates the Black Pearl and Quartermaster ​Jet funny cars. In addition to 250mph side-by-side runs, the family aims at an entertaining ​with a stand out fire and smoke show!

We are David and Robyn Douthit. We were born and raised in San Diego, CA. Our ​daughter Kathryn (2011), is learning the business while attending online classes, and ​has already informed us of her plans to follow in her father's and grandfather's ​footsteps!

Our second driver for our 2024 season is Chris Bennett. Chris is a decorated, retired ​U.S. Air Force pilot. He brings four generations of racing experience and excellence. ​Chris is bringing his wife Sarah, and children Bri and Jaden with him to almost every ​event.

We ALL look forward running in a city near you! Make sure you stop in and say Hi!

About the Jet Cars

  • General Electric J-85 motors from the F5 Fighter Jets
  • Approximately 10,000 hp
  • 30 gallon diesel fuel tanks on each car.
  • Elapsed times in the low 6 second range with speeds approaching 250 mph

Photo Credit: Mark Rebilas

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Contact Information


David Douthit 719-761-1932

Robyn Douthit 719-641-9811

Email: Jetcarsrock@outlook.com